Sundial keeps life coordinated with one-stop Shopping, To-Do and Wellness Lists.

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Every list in one convenient place

Whether posted to the fridge or in a note on your phone, keeping lists organized is a challenge—and making sure everyone knows what’s needed is even harder.

With Sundial’s shared Lists, the senior’s Shopping, To-Do and Wellness Lists are all in one place. And because the whole Care Circle has access, it’s easy for anyone to help out and lend a hand from anywhere.


Stay organized


Lend a hand


Simplify your life

Sundial mobile app's check in feature to stay connected with love ones

Management made simple

Sundial helps seniors stay organized by bringing all their reminders into one convenient place, seeing everything on their Shopping, To-Do and Wellness Lists. They can even ask for help with crossing off items from the rest of the Care Circle.

Sundial app displaying a shopping list in which other members can assist with

Convenient coordination

Sundial Lists are shared, so it’s simple for the whole Care Circle to pitch in. Members can see what’s on each List and whether the senior needs help completing it. They can also take responsibility for individual items so no one does double duty.

Care circle member happy being in touch with loved ones

Stay informed with ease

Sundial will notify seniors and Care Circle Members whenever an item is added, claimed, or completed—so everyone is always up to date on what’s still to be done. Plus, checking in with a friendly reminder is easy, too!

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