With Sundial Memories, shared photos help everyone be part of every special moment.

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For the moments that matter most

We’ve got more photos than ever. But they live on memory cards and in the cloud, on social media and on our phones, and it’s easy to lose track of who can see what.

Sundial helps bring everyone together through Memories, a photo sharing feature that lets Care Circle Members post photos with text and audio captions for seniors. Now, it’s easy to stay close to loved ones—no matter how far apart we are.


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Be part of it all

With Sundial Memories, seniors have easy access to shared photos from their entire Care Circle—so it’s simple to feel like they’re part of their loved ones’ lives, even from a distance.

Sundial mobile app being used to send pictures to other care circle members

Simple photo sharing

Whether it’s a cherished family portrait or a quick selfie, it’s easy to upload photos via the Sundial app. Members can even add audio captions, so loved ones can hear their voice whenever they open the photo.

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