Discover how seniors can use the voice- and touch-enabled Amazon Echo Show 5 device* to connect with their loved ones

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Illustration of a care circle member using the sundial mobile app

Accessibility matters

The Sundial skill for Alexa on the Amazon Echo Show 5 device* is designed with seniors in mind and uses accessible, voice- and touch-enabled technology and a friendly interface.

Staying connected with family and friends is as simple as saying "Alexa, open Sundial."

*Not included - sold separately


Stay in the loop


Coordinate schedules


Get together

Sundial subscriber using their voice to send a check in notice

More ways to interact

Seniors can pick whatever experience is easiest for them to connect with their Care Circle. Using the Sundial mobile app or the Sundial skill for Alexa on the Amazon Echo Show 5 device*, seniors can reach out to loved ones, check and update their calendar, manage to-do lists, and see shared photos.

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