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Create your own Care Circle and connect with loved ones today. It's simple and free to join.

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Sundial Product Includes:

Sundial mobile app
(for Care Circle Members)

Sundial skill for Alexa
(optional - for the senior)

Unlimited Care Circle Members

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How it works

Sundial makes it easy to stay connected with the ones you love. Seniors and their family, friends and neighbors come together to form a Care Circle that offers support from anywhere. And it’s all designed to be simple and accessible for everyone to use.

Seniors and members of their Care Circle use the convenient mobile app to coordinate with them and each other.


Unlimited and private

Unlimited and private

You’ll get unlimited Members with every subscription, for family, friends, neighbors and anyone else who wants to stay connected. Plus, Care Circles are invite-only and the senior must approve every new Member, so all your Sundial interactions are personal and private. And it's all ad-free!

Time to take notice

Time to take notice

In a sea of buzzes and dings, notifications from Sundial mean something more. Whether it’s a check in, a shared photo or an event update, you know who it’s from and how important it is, so it’s easy for your Care Circle to take priority.